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Our Hatching Eggs Policy

Our eggs are handled with care -from collection to personally dropping the package off at the post office. All eggs are carefully inspected for cracks, chips, or any other weaknesses and only the best quality eggs are sent for hatching. We only send eggs that we would hatch in our own incubators. The eggs are never washed only cleaned with a dry cloth if needed. Eggs are shipped within 48 hours from being laid to ensure the best chance to hatch.

We check and monitor fertility on our hatching eggs on a regular basis. We are currently seeing a 91% fertility rate. This is determined by selecting and hatching our own eggs. Fertility and hatching rates are two different things. We do not have a guarantee on hatching or take any responsibility for shipping deaths or damage. There is inherent risk when shipping eggs, and all buyers must be aware of this before ordering hatching eggs.

All eggs are carefully packaged using specially made foam for hatching eggs, then double boxed and shipped Priority Mail. We package the eggs the best we can, but cannot guarantee them once they leave our hands at the post office. Again shipping is a risk and all buyers need to be aware of this risk before purchasing eggs from us.

Shipping and Returns

All hatching eggs are shipped USPS Priority mail 2-3 days shipping.  Packages are shipped on Monday through Wednesday only.  This is so they are not sitting at the post office over the weekend.  All eggs are fresh and collected the days before the ship date. Shipping available to the lower 48 states only. We will notify you when your order is getting ready to ship and send a tracking number when the shipping label is complete.

- We do not give refunds on hatching eggs, no exceptions.

- We do not guarantee the hatching success of your eggs.

Shipping is always a risk. However, we are committed to getting your hatching eggs to you as soon as we can and as safely as we can. By ordering Hatching Eggs from Bliss Butte Ranch you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to the terms of our hatching egg policy.

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