Prized for their fine wool.

Shetland sheep have lived on the Shetland Islands for over 1000 years. They are a primitive unimproved breed of sheep. Most likely descendants of ancient Scandinavian sheep. Shetlands are small in size with rams having large spiraled horns and ewes are usually polled. These sheep are calm, charming, docile, and intelligent.  

Although Shetlands were on the endangered species list in the 1960's, they have made a strong comeback due to select breeding programs and now have a secure future.

Our Shetlands are the heart of our farm. We keep a small flock of 10 ewes and a ram.  When spring arrives so do the lambs! This year we were fortunate to have all healthy babies, 7 boys and 3 girls.

The sheep eat the grass and brush on the property and help keep things looking trim. We shear them once a year when it heats up. This makes them more comfortable, and we can use their wool for spinning yarn and fiber crafts.


Shetland sheep are prized by hand spinners and fiber artists for their wool. It is fine, soft, and strong. Fleeces average 2-4 lbs and vary in crimp. Our Shetland fleeces are single coat with an average of 23 microns and a staple length of 2-5 inches. 11 colors and 30 color patterns are recognized in this breed making each one different from the next.

We also have alpaca fiber along with our sheep wool for purchase in our Shop.


Located in Damascus, OR


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